Open Access: The Art of Inclusion

Join us for the 6th annual Art Education Graduate Symposium, on February 6th and 7th 2015. This year, the symposium will be showcasing research within and beyond the Concordia context, surrounding the theme of art and social inclusion. Individual papers, panel discussions, and skill-sharing sessions, as well as alternative presentation formats such as performance, that celebrate, question, challenge, or otherwise encourage consideration about art, accessibility and social inclusion will be presented.

Final Report of the 39th Labrador Creative Arts Festival

The success of the 'Communication' festival has to be attributed to the experience of the organizing committee, the dedication of teacher directors and students, the enthusiasm of visiting artists, the support of school administrators and teacher representatives, and the kindness shown by many friends of the Festival in the local area.

Here is a report of the festival's success:

La Commission canadienne pour l’UNESCO a besoin de votre contribution!

La Commission canadienne pour l’UNESCO relie les Canadiens et l’UNESCO. Elle souhaite ainsi contribuer à une société dans laquelle les Canadiens échangent des connaissances et apprennent les uns des autres, à l’échelle locale et mondiale, en vue de construire un avenir caractérisé par la paix, l’équité et la durabilité. La Commission relève du Conseil des arts du Canada. Pourquoi nous avons besoin de votre contribution Vous êtes un membre actif de la société canadienne dans les domaines de la culture ou de la communication et de l’information.

45th Anniversary CODE Conference: Now Accepting Applications To Present

This year marks an incredible milestone for CODE - 45 amazing years of drama and dance education and inspiration. The 45th edition of the CODE Conference is back in the GTA and we are expecting a huge turnout of presenters and delegates! We are looking for an exciting array of workshops, roundtables and presentations, and would like to encourage artists and educators from Ontario, Canada and the rest of the world to be a part of this event.

Raising Money To Make Change

Does asking for money make you anxious? And how do you know you’re asking the right people the right number of times? Kim Klein, a grassroots fundraising expert, had the answers to these questions and more at a workshop on October 29 held at the invitation of Maytree and the Atkinson Foundation.