Arts Education and Low Income Areas - NY Times

Very interesting article posted on the New York Times:

“We treat arts classroom space the way we treat janitorial space — it’s just expendable. And it shouldn’t be,” Mr. Stringer said in an interview on Sunday, noting that instruction in the arts is associated with higher student grades and rates of college enrollment. “This is not a toolshed or a closet; this is where the next great artist or musician is going to happen.”

Battling for the Soul of Education

John Abbott and the 21st Century Learning Initiative have released a new white paper - Battling or the Soul of Education. The publication shares 30 years of experience in the effort to  accelerate change and educational transformation.Please print Battling and share it with your friends. All the context you need is in the PDF (link below). When you're done,
share the love and pass it on.

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