Sun Life Making the Arts More Accessible™ program


Arts and culture make a tremendous contribution to our communities and our country. We're proud to help sustain and celebrate Canada's cultural institutions, which are among the world's finest. This is consistent with one of our foremost values – a commitment to excellence.

We also believe that the arts should be available for everyone to experience, regardless of means – a focus we formalized through our award-winning Making the Arts More Accessible™ program.

This program provides funding for:

  • Arts organizations that provide programs to enable individuals of limited financial means and their families to attend and enjoy arts performances
  • Music schools that provide lessons for at-risk children and youth and those from high-priority neighbourhoods

In Quebec, the focus for the Making the Arts More Accessible™ program is on:

  • Cultural organizations (museums, theatres, visual arts, etc.) with free or reduced-price programming
  • Organizations developing special projects to foster access to activities that might otherwise have been out of reach for the less privileged