Rachel Dueck

Rachel W. R. Dueck , RMT, B.Mus, B.A, M.A., M.P.A.
- A Member of Manitoba Registered Music Teacher
- B. Mus in Piano performance
- 16 years of teaching experiences (as of 2018)
Rachel Dueck, originally born and raised in South Korea, teaches both classical and contemporary music to various levels and age groups of students from age 4 to adults & seniors.

Despite of holding multiple degrees in other academic fields (B.A., M.A. in Political Studies and M.A. in Public administration), her love of music led her to study music more seriously. Before starting the music program at the university, she studied piano with Mrs. Carole Pollard and Mrs. Barbara Cornish. Then, she completed her Bachelor in Music Piano Performance, studying with Prof. Charles Horton at the Desautels Faculty of Music, University of Manitoba in 2016. During her studying, she received numerous scholarships including Undergraduate Research Scholarship.

Winnipeg, MB

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