Get on the Map!

Artist-educators, private arts instructors, schools, and arts organizations are invited to get on Canada's Map of Arts and Learning! It is the goal of the Canadian Network for Arts & Learning to document the scope of all arts and learning activities across Canada on this online interactive map. The Map will grow to become a central communication portal for:

  • Knowledge exchange, research and best practices 
  • Creating new opportunities for networking, partnerships and collaboration, to enhance and expand the knowledge and practices amongst the artistic leaders and educators

  • Facilitating increased employment by providing location and connection information among practitioners, organizations, educators and the public

We encourage you to fully fill out the profile form that best represents you or your organization. Here is an example of a fully developed profile for an arts organization.

To begin, please select which profile type best represents you or your organization:

Artist-Educator   School   Arts Organization

If you run into any issues while filling out the profile form, please contact our Communications and Research Coordinator

Do you have a comment or suggestion on the appearance or layout of the map? Complete the survey here, paying special attention the Part 2, which focuses on the layout and function on the map.