Eduarts Hubs

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The Canadian Network for Arts & Learning strives to connect and support diverse learning communities across the country. For each Eduarts Hub, The Network partners with a local organization or school to ensure that the Hub will be relevant and authentically meet the needs of the community. We want to ensure that diverse voices from a variety of sectors within each community are heard and documented at every Hub. It is important that the sessions take place at a time of day when the majority of the community will be available to attend, and we look for guidance from our community partners on this and other aspects. The Hubs are free to attend and have an optimal number of 30 - 40 registrants to create an intimate setting that allows for maximum participation and interaction.

Each Eduarts Hub lasts between 2.5 - 3 hours and is divided into three sections: information sharing, networking and research. The first hour of every Hub is an information sharing session led by a local arts administrator, artist-educator or arts teacher who will give a presentation on an innovative arts and learning program or project happening within the community. Some hubs will feature multiple presenters, depending on recommendations from our partners.

We also invite additional local groups and organizations to prepare poster presentations. After the information sharing session, we provide refreshments and the opportunity for networking while attendees are encouraged to explore the poster presentations. The final hour of each Hub is dedicated to The Network’s research initiatives. During this time, we divide attendees into focus groups to discuss the issues facing local arts and learning communities. These discussions help guide The Network in providing valuable tools to strengthen the arts education sector across Canada