Who can appear on The Map?

Any person or organization meeting the following criteria may apply to appear on The Map:
Artists, artist-educators, arts organizations, community centers and other venues offering arts learning programming
Pre-school, elementary, intermediate, secondary and post-secondary institutions

Can I make a submission to appear on The Map?

Yes! Fill out a profile form here.

How can I make a change to the information on my profile?

Select which profile form best represents you or your organizations here. Be sure to enter the name the same way it appears on the current profile. Fill in only the fields that you'd like to change and the changes will override the current information.

Is it possible to make a change to my profile after it has been submitted?

Yes! In the same form you previously submitted, ensure that your name/organization name are the same and that you use the same email address as the previous submission. Fill in only those fields that you'd like to change and the changes will override the previous submission.

How do I comment on the appearance or functionality of The Map?

Please fill out the survey here, paying special attention the Part 2, which focuses on the layout and function on the map.

My organization doesn't have a fixed address. How can we appear on The Map?

The only geographic component that is necessary to appear on the map is a city or postal code. If you primarily serve a specific region or community, choose the city that best represents where you operate. You can elaborate on the area you serve more on the profile form.

I no longer want to appear on The Map. Can you please remove my information from the map?

Yes! Please send us an email and simply state your name and that you would like to be removed from the map.

Why are some contacts marked as 'Verified '?

Some contacts are marked as verified in order to indicate that they have completed a profile form themselves. This is to help distinguish them from the contacts who have had their profiles created from collecting publicly available information.

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