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Oct 16 2020

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Ahead of World Mental Health Day (10 October), the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has released key findings from recent research into music and mental health.... more

Feb 6 2020

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From engineering to medicine, we have more elaborate and specialized professions than ever.

But the academic programs that prepare... more

Feb 1 2019

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After the recent report by The Children’s Society that a quarter of 14-year-old girls have self-harmed, many campaigners have called for the... more

Feb 8 2018

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Is it time for Canada’s theatre instructors to go back to school?

Actor training is under the spotlight, as an instructor at George Brown Theatre School, and... more

Jan 31 2018

New music curriculum about bringing 'joy in your daily life

P.E.I.'s Department of Education will start on a process in September that will bring a new approach to music education to the whole school system.

"Music is really about a lifetime of enjoyment and being able to express all sorts of things... more

Jan 3 2018

IICRD is undertaking a global review of good practice in arts-based programming for migrant and refugee children and youth, for Terre des Hommes.

The focus is on youth-led programming or programming with strong child and youth participation that supports young people’s psychosocial wellbeing. Since these are quite specific... more

Sep 3 2017

As featured on Artsy.Net ... by Casey Lesser

“What the heck does Impressionist art have to do with medical communication?”

It’s a question that Dr. Michael Flanagan often gets after telling people about “Impressionism and the Art of Communication,” the seminar he teaches to fourth-year medical... more