Jennifer Petrilli - Managing Director

With a 20+ year career as an arts administrator specializing in communications and fundraising, Jennifer Petrilli has guided many arts organizations and artists towards achieving strategic goals and implementing successful campaigns. With her in-depth knowledge of Canada's ever-shifting, non-profit arts scene, Jennifer's expertise in project management, strategic planning, marketing and communications is helping the Canadian Network for Arts & Learning achieve its goals of strengthening the sector and bringing together arts-in-learning facilitators across the country.







profile picture of Lynn Medi - short black hair, Dark skin, striped black and white shirtLynn Medi - Communications and Research Coordinator

Lynn is a communications specialist, web designer and overall arts and culture enthusiast interested in the intersection between technology and people; she has always been fascinated with understanding the ways in which the media that we consume influences our society, and thereby the art that comes out of it. With a degree in Communications, Culture, and IT, and a Certificate in Digital Communications she aims to use her expertise to help expand CNAL's network and spread their message to as great an audience as possible. She believes that art is fundamental to life and she is thrilled to be part of an organization which not only highlights the importance of the arts, but also highlights the importance of diversity within the arts.



Yaara Docrat - Research Associate

Yaara is a passionate primary-junior educator, education researcher, arts education consultant and program coordinator. Her research examines how the arts can support the emotional self-regulation of students attention and/or hyperactivity challenges. Yaara first became involved with CNAL in 2018, when she filled a short-term role as the Community Engagement Coordinator for The Digital Map of Arts & Learning. You can read Yaara's new article in CMEA here: Generalist Teachers Using the Arts as a Pedagogical Tool to Support Student with Exceptionalities in Inclusive Educational Settings.



Jayda Conti - Research Associate

Visual artist, theatre-maker, and jazz soloist, Jayda is an emerging arts educator whose research questions white settler educators' positionality and culturally appropriate strategies when engaging in diverse forms of artmaking. As an intermediate-senior educator, Jayda hopes to investigate preventative strategies for cultural appropriation within the classroom and art institutions through Indigenous paradigms and methodologies. She is thrilled to be about the CNAL team as taking part in art organizations and programs have immensely influenced her.