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Author: The Canadian Network for Arts & Learning / Le réseau canadien pour les arts et l'apprentissage
May 12 2022

What is the current state of arts and learning in Canada after more than two years dealing with pandemic restrictions, and where is it headed? Did we benefit from learning new ways of connecting with our students and audiences, or do we want things to go back to how they were before?

Author: National Arts Centre
Apr 11 2022

This series will inspire artists and educators to ignite learning and creativity through the arts! 

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Mar 17 2022

Caravan Theatre and Théâtre DesAssimilés have teamed up to launch Feeling Mental Health — a digital performance exploring mental health and resiliency. Filmed in various locations, we’ve taken what was meant to be a live stage performance pre-Omicron and turned it into a digital piece.

Author: Coalition for Music Education in Canada
Feb 23 2022

Canadian Research Project finds Glaring Inequities in Music Education Across our Country

The Coalition for Music Education in Canada will be hosting a virtual event on February 24th, 2022 to discuss the findings, opportunities, and to celebrate the increased interest in music education in schools.