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For 10 years, the Canadian Network for Arts & Learning has brought together arts and learning communities across the country for knowledge exchange, professional development, research and collaboration. Today, The Network is taking a major step forward by inviting everyone involved in any aspect of arts and learning – artists, teachers, students, researchers, administrators, others – to join the Canadian Network for Arts & Learning at no cost. Link with colleagues and arts education stakeholders to build a creative Canada and strengthen the arts and learning sector across the country.

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Here's more about what The Canadian Network for Arts & Learning is doing and how you can be a part of it!

Here’s what The Network has done so far:

  • Launched major research studies, published four papers and made other valuable arts and learning resources easily accessible to the public, including our most recent paper called Transformative Action on Arts Education
  • Brought together professionals and supporters of arts-in-learning through seven national conferences as well as yearly series of community-building local networking “Hubs”
  • Developed a skilled staff, recruited dedicated board members, created a remarkable advisory council and engaged outstanding, celebrated Canadian Champions.
  • Built a distinctive partnership with the Canadian Commission for UNESCO as well as the UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning, Queen's University

Here’s what The Network is doing right now:

  • Paving the way for creative collaborations, partnerships, and sharing best practices by connecting Canada’s arts and learning communities through our mapping project. With the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and other funders Canada-wide, we are actively mapping artist-educators, teachers, arts organizations and arts education practitioners to create this comprehensive and valuable tool.
  • Strengthening and supporting arts learning in schools and community settings through in-person professional development and networking sessions, including our biannual conference and Eduarts Hub Series.

Here’s what The Network plans to do in the future:

  • Speak as a united voice on behalf of, and in support of, all of Canada’s arts and learning organizations and the individuals and communities they serve, at a national and policy level
  • Raise awareness of the benefits and vital need for more arts education in schools and better access for lifelong learners in community settings
  • Continue to support local and national arts-in-learning practitioners through the dissemination of research and valuable tools

Here’s what will happen if you join:

  • You will take an active role in Building a Creative Canada and strengthening arts and learning across the country by uniting your voice along with your colleagues and other arts education supporters
  • You will be the first to know about all arts and learning events taking place locally and nationally, including The Network’s conferences and Eduarts Hubs, as well as opportunities from other organizations
  • You will put yourself, or your organization, on Canada’s only comprehensive map of arts and learning

Join The Network today!

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