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The Canadian Network for Arts & Learning brings together arts and learning communities across the country for knowledge exchange, professional development, research and collaboration. We warmly invite you to join us in building a more creative, inclusive and sustainable Canada through arts and learning. There are two ways that you can participate in this important agenda.

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Get on The Map

Participation in the network is free of charge and open to everyone involved in any aspect of arts and learning – artists, teachers, students, researchers, administrators, others.  Canada’s Map of Arts and Learning is a focal point for linking with colleagues and arts education stakeholders to strengthen the arts and learning sector across the country. When you add your profile to the map, you will be joining thousands of like-minded people and organizations.  We will keep you up to date on all of our activities and let you know about opportunities to participate further.

Get on The Map

Individual Artists & Educators

Arts Organizations


Become a Voting Member

An important and concrete way that you can support the work of the Network is to register as a member.  For a fee of $25.00 and completion of a membership profile, you can become a voting member of this charitable organization.  It is essential that the views of all of the Network’s stakeholders are represented in the decision making process. As a member, you will have a vote at our annual general meeting which is held at our biennial conference and/or through an electronic platform, as well as any special meeting of members.  We will also survey your views, from time to time, as the Board seeks to address critical issues. A corporation or other entity may be a member.

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