Dance 'N' Culture

Dance 'N' Culture provides cultural dance workshops and resources for schools. DNC's workshops are now available online anywhere in Canada and will have your students up on their feet as they explore your choice of a cultural dance style. We bring all the elements to you - traditional postures, hand gestures, facial expressions, music, and history, while keeping your students MOVING!

With every workshop we draw connections to the dance, social studies, and health and physical education curriculum. Our program is also designed for schools to celebrate history or heritage months aligned with your school calendar. Using the traditions of dance as celebration, story-telling and self-expression, we strive to create a positive and safe space for students to explore the way dance is used around the world.

We have also created the Culture Corner: an online library of short, easy to follow dance videos. With over 10 styles from around the world and 10 new videos a month, the Culture Corner is an easy and engaging way to add dance into your day.

Toronto, ON
Zone desservie par l'organisation: Canada
Langue (s): Anglais, Français
Classes scolaires pour lesquelles la programmation est prévue: Primaire (maternelle à 3e année), Junior (4e à 6e année), Intermédiaire (7e à 8e année), Intermédiaire (9e à 10e année), Sénior (11e à la 12e année)
Communautés desservies: Enfants, Adolescents et jeunes adultes
Prix de la programmation: $$$ - 40 $ et plus par heure
Accessibilité du lieu: N'est pas applicable
Organization type: Programme(s), Ressource

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