Across Oceans Arts

ACROSS OCEANS ARTS investigates the Art and Community of Collaboration. We believe that all the Arts are inherently collaborative activities between artists and artists, artists and their communities, and artists and their audience, whether a formal event or a casual get-together.

OUR GOAL is to provide an open house where all people are dancers, musicians, actors, visual artists and writers, sharing not only their work but also how they work, with each other and with their audiences.

We CREATE and PRODUCE platforms for creation of artwork and exchange of ideas and perspectives with live productions, exhibitions, screenings, and studio work, across arts & humanities, across generations, across heritages, backgrounds and foregrounds.

We RESEARCH what "collaboration" actually entails by bringing together artists with artists, and public and artists to SHARE ideas through open studios, workshops, hand-on seminars, co-creations and many varied platforms for exchange.

What does arts collaboration really involve?
Where do we meet and how do we meet as individuals?
Where are the crossing-points of our differences?
How is collaboration in art-making related to other collaborations in life?
How can and do we learn from one another?

180 Shaw Street, Toronto, ON
Langue (s): Anglais, Français
Classes scolaires pour lesquelles la programmation est prévue: Primaire (maternelle à 3e année), Junior (4e à 6e année), Intermédiaire (7e à 8e année), Intermédiaire (9e à 10e année), Sénior (11e à la 12e année)
Communautés desservies: Adultes, Enfants, Personnes handicapées, Adolescents et jeunes adultes, Personnes âgées
Prix de la programmation: Gratuit, $ - 0 $ à 20 $ par heure, Pricing varies
Accessibilité du lieu: Ascenseur, Niveau entrée ou rampe, Toilettes accessibles
Organization type: Organisation caritative, Programme(s), Projet

Cette organisation propose une programmation en ligne

  • Danse
  • Arts numériques et médiatiques
  • Littéraire
  • Multidisciplinaire
  • Musique
  • Théâtre
  • Résidence
  • Temps de sortie de l'école
  • Excursions
  • Développement professionnel
  • Performances à l'école
  • Ateliers à l'école
  • Cours particuliers
  • Les performances
  • Classes pour groupes
  • Ateliers

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