Apanaki Temitayo Minerve

My art practice is heavily influenced by my Caribbean and African heritage and spirituality which can be seen through the textures, materials and inspirations of my pieces. African fabrics are at the center of my work — whether I am paying homage to African gods or Star Wars characters — and my collage style of the art production displays the vibrant colours, bold patterns and deep cultural meaning of these textiles. I also incorporate beads, shells, crystals, sequins, alcohol ink, acrylic paint and oil pens in my work to accentuate and punctuate sensuality, vulnerability, the divine and a multitude of emotions and experiences all expressed unapologetically. As an artist-activist informing the community about a lived experience with mental health, I hope to use my art practice to educate and connect the participants with these long term benefits.

Langue (s): English

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