Vancouver Arts Colloquium Society

Vancouver Arts Colloquium Society (VACS) is a non-profit art-supporting organization that pursues the enrichment of lives and community through art. Established in 2014, VACS strongly believe in art as a means of change. Art evokes empathy, and empathy leads to action. The multidisciplinary team at VACS is dedicated to these ideals and grows increased public support for the arts to ignite the imagination, instil the long arc of joy, and inspire the next generation of future leaders.

The mandate of the Vancouver Arts Colloquium Society (VACS) is to widen public engagement with contemporary art free from the restrictions of the market imperative. We do this primarily through programs that build cross-cultural resilience in communities through art, and by promoting the work of established and emerging artists within these communities. Our programs are designed to build lasting, supportive, symbiotic networks between artists and communities. In this way, artists can more easily survive beyond the pressures of the commercial world, and communities can develop healthy relationships with art, building self-esteem and a sense of belonging.

Langue (s): English
Communautés desservies: Adults, Children, People with disabilities, Youth, Seniors
Prix de la programmation: Free
Accessibilité du lieu: Elevator, Ramp/Level Entrance, Wheelchair seating, Accessible parking, Accessible washrooms
Organization type: Non-profit

  • Arts autochtones
  • Multidisciplinaire
  • Camps
  • peer/co-teaching workshops

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