Niska Artisans

Housed by Mennonite Central Committee's Indigenous Neighbours program, Niska Artisans took flight in 2007 and supports Indigenous artisans in First Nations and communities stretching across northeastern Ontario. “Niska” is Cree for goose; the life-giver for hunters in northern First Nations. This program seeks to both educate patrons about the unique cultures in Ontario’s far north and preserve a way of life that is being lost. Interested groups and individuals are connected with Indigenous artisans to provide traditional beading and sewing workshops. Niska also works to support these artisans by providing venues for sales, connection, and relationship.

233 Pine St. S, Timmins, ON
Langue (s): English
Communautés desservies: Adults, Youth
Prix de la programmation: Pricing varies
Accessibilité du lieu: Not applicable
Organization type: Non-profit, Program(s)
Profil mis à jour le: janv 5 2022