Radical Connections

Radical Connections transforms healthcare together with all kinds of artists. Connecting the arts and health improves quality of life for residents, patients, and everyone working in and visiting healthcare settings.

Creative participation is crucial for humanizing healthcare by celebrating individuals as well as the diversity of cultures, abilities, and communities.

Wellness, for all, involves the opportunity to play, create and make choices. People in care need those same opportunities. Participation in the arts brings joy and connection; it demonstrates that people receiving care are much more than their medical conditions.

Elder care needs radical transformation. With our help, elders and everyone in healthcare can share their wisdom and enjoy arts and culture.

People experiencing mental or physical distress should be surrounded by healing environments. We bring meaningful music, visual, literary, or movement-based arts into hospitals and care settings.

True creative participation humanizes care by celebrating a diversity of individuals, cultures, abilities, and communities. Connecting arts and health improves quality of life for residents, patients, visitors, and everyone working in healthcare.

5855 Russell Road, Carlsbad Springs, ON
Zone desservie par l'organisation: Currently we are serving Ottawa but in the near future we will expand nationally
Langue (s): English, French
Communautés desservies: Adults, People with disabilities, Seniors
Prix de la programmation: Pricing varies
Accessibilité du lieu: Not applicable
Organization type: Business, Non-profit, Program(s), Project, Resource

  • Arts numériques et médiatiques
  • Littéraire
  • Multidisciplinaire
  • Musique
  • Théâtre
  • Arts visuels
  • Curator in residence in hospitals, long-term care homes working collaboratively with people in care

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