International Centre of Art for Social Change

Launched in 2007, ICASC was conceived by Judith Marcuse Projects (JMP) as a partnership between JMP and Simon Fraser University to support community-engaged art for social change (ASC) communities in Canada and around the world. Artists, community-engaged arts practitioners and scholars, both in Canada and beyond, express strongly-felt needs for focused training, national and international networking, professional development and for research and archival work. ICASC works to support discipline-wide collaboration and knowledge-building and has three main areas of operation:
-- Art for Social Change professional development and public outreach: workshops, networking sessions, conferences, lectures and dialogues, including knowledge-exchange for people already working in the field and those interested in it.
-- Sharing, promoting and disseminating community-engaged ASC work and resources via our online community to advance social change agendas and accessibility.
-- Creation and delivery of a Master’s (MEd) in ASC: First of its kind in Canada, Dr. Lynn Fels and Dr. Judith Marcuse, Co-Directors of ICASC, delivered a two-year program at SFU with a curriculum that included dialogue and facilitation techniques, partnership development, project creation and management, communication strategies, and interning with arts for social change organizations.

515 West Hastings St., Vancouver, BC
Langue (s): Anglais
Communautés desservies: Adultes, Enfants, Personnes handicapées, Adolescents et jeunes adultes, Personnes âgées
Prix de la programmation: Gratuit
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Organization type: Non lucratif
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