International Centre of Art for Social Change (ICASC)

In 2007, Judith Marcuse Projects (JMP) created the International Centre of Art for Social Change (ICASC). Though initially a collaboration with Simon Fraser University (2008-2020), ICASC is now exclusively an initiative of JMP. JMP/ICASC has led and completed a six-year (2013-2019) national research study of community-engaged art (CEA)/art for social change (ASC), involving six universities and 50 researchers; created extensive film, video, and text resources, most of them available on this large website which is a major global resource for the sector. Other activities include creation and delivery of post-secondary undergraduate courses and a two-year graduate program in art for social change, plus summer institutes, webinars, and guest lectures/dialogues.

ICASC’s goal is to support CEA/ASC communities mainly in Canada, but also around the world. Artists, community-engaged arts practitioners and scholars, both in Canada and beyond, express strongly-felt needs for focused training, national and international networking, professional development, and for research and archival work. ICASC works to support discipline-wide collaboration and knowledge-building and has three main areas of operation:

-- Art for Social Change professional development and public outreach: workshops, networking sessions, conferences, lectures and dialogues, including knowledge-exchange for people already working in the field and those interested in it.

-- Sharing, promoting and disseminating community-engaged ASC work and resources via our online community to advance social change agendas and accessibility.

-- Building the capacity and strength of CEA/ASC by fostering a national network of artist practitioners and organizations across Canada, as well as advocacy work to create awareness and make necessary changes in policy among all levels of governments, funders, and other change making organizations.

Our latest initiative is the FUTURES/forward national mentorship program that pairs early to mid-career community-engaged artists with senior artists from the field for six months, usually in collaboration with non-arts change organizations (e.g. one of the three mentee/mentor cohorts partnered exclusively with environmental organizations across the country). As of March 2020, due to COVID-19, this work has shifted mostly to online activities. All artists are compensated for their work together. As of April 2021, 41 artists have participated in this program.

Metro Vancouver, BC
Area served by organization: Across Canada
Language(s): English
Communities served: Adults, Children, People with disabilities, Youth, Seniors
Price range of programming: Free
Venue accessibility: Not applicable
Organization type: Non-profit, Program(s), Resource, Other

This organization offers online programming

  • Multidisciplinary
  • Community-engaged arts education/support/training/network

Profile last updated: Jun 1 2022