Eleanor Drury Children's Theatre

Eleanor Drury Children's Theatre (EDCT) is a non-profit, volunteer-run charitable theatre organization in Thunder Bay.
For almost 40 years, EDCT has provided opportunities for over 1000 young people ages 6-18 to experience the joy and magic of a live theatre production and to grow and express themselves through theatre. Since 1982, EDCT has produced 37 plays and shares the live theatre experience by making theatre affordable and accessible to the diverse population in our Northern community. EDCT hires local artists to work with youth and engage them in all creative aspects of our productions.

PO Box 10213, Thunder Bay, ON
Langue (s): English
Classes scolaires pour lesquelles la programmation est prévue: Intermediate (7 - 8), Intermediate (9 - 10), Senior (11 - 12)
Communautés desservies: Children, Youth
Prix de la programmation: $ - $0-$20/hour
Accessibilité du lieu: Not applicable
Organization type: Charitable organisation

  • Multidisciplinaire
  • Théâtre

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