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Whether you are a seasoned activity organizer or a culture lover with something incredible to share with your community, now is your chance to participate.
John Abbott and the 21st Century Learning Initiative have released a new white paper - Battling or the Soul of Education. The publication shares 30 years of experience in the effort to  accelerate change and educational transformation.Please print Battling and share it with your friends.
Trevor Strong will be doing a humour writing workshop as part of the Prince Edward County Authors Festival on April 11th. For more information visit the Prince Edward County Author's Festival website.
An inspiring creative leadership workshop taking place in Toronto. Facilitated by CNAL member, Sheena D. Robertson.
Three nights, two days of dance performances by renowned artists, and classes in western and non-western dance technique, repertory and composition.
CNAL gratefully acknowledges the support of our visionary and dedicated National Champions.