Yukon Government Arts Funding

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - 4:30pm

Yukon Government recognizes Community Arts that foster a broad level of participation and are a valuable source for personal and community development, education, and recreational enjoyment; Professional Arts that create and present artistic experiences for local and national audiences; and, Cultural Industries that have potential to create jobs for Yukoners in creative and supporting industries.

All programs recognize the significance of First Nation traditional arts: carving, sewing, traditional garments, beading, moose hair tufting, quillwork, etc.

Funding is also available for holding events which support the cultures, traditions, and experiences of new Canadians settling in Yukon as well as for developing culturally-based projects for presentation or exhibition to audiences on national or international stages.

Professional artistic development funding

The Advanced Artist Award is for Yukon artists who have attained a senior level of practice to create, train and further develop their artistic skills.


  • Only individuals may apply.
  • You must have lived in Yukon for 1 continuous year before applying.
  • You must be an advanced artist. This means you are someone who:
    • has specialized skills or training in an arts practice (can be self-taught);
    • has a significant body of works which have been publicly exhibited, presented, performed or published;
    • has the respect of their peers in the same discipline;demonstrates commitment to your practice; and
    • has a history of public presentation or exhibition.

Arts Fund

The Arts Fund supports group projects that develop the arts and engage the public in Yukon. A total of $500,000 is available each year. Applicants can receive funding for up to 70% of eligible expenses.

Operational or ongoing arts project funding

The Arts Operating Funds (AOF) support arts operating and program costs for Yukon organizations.

There are two components of the funds:

  • The annual operating component supports the operating costs of societies with on-going and year-round activites.
  • The annual project component supports the costs of on-going, annual projects.

Touring Artist Fund

The Touring Artist Fund fosters the development of the arts by supporting literary, visual and performing artists, ensembles and companies to present their work publicly at professionally curated national or international exhibitions, concerts, festivals, or showcases. 

The maximum allocation per application is $10,000. Typically, only one application per applicant can be funded each year.