Founders’ Conference 2013 - Member Presentations & Research

Tim Borlaise 1 - The Labrador Creative Arts Festival- the power of collective playbuilding


Tim Borlaise 2 - Recruiting Acadians in the War of 1812-Using the arts to interpret the historical record


Annabel Coen -  The Centrality of a Psychological Concept of Learning to Research in the Arts – The example of the AIRS (Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing) Major Collaborative Research Initiative 


Kate Cornell - Is Dance an art form or an athletic activity? Curriculum Treatment of Dance Across Canada


Francis Dube 1 - Conceptions of learning, teaching, and evaluation of Canadian piano teachers who give private lessons at the pre-collegial level


Francis Dube 2 - ENCODE: A Web application to promote reflective thinking in music student teachers.


Michael Emme - Curriculum Unbound: The Minor Role of the Arts in Education – curriculum


Robert Kempson - Creation-Based Learning in the Professional Arts Context


Carmelina Martin - Building a Legacy: Documenting the Dance Education Narrative in Ontario


Julie Ann May 1 - “Languages in Motion” Report ~ The Power of the Arts in Education ~ the Proof is in the Learning!


Julie Ann May 2 - “IDEA 2013 Paris Congress” Report ~ From One Global Position Point to Another: Arts education for tomorrow


Catherine McInnes - London Artist in Residence (LAIR) Program


Sarah Papoff - The Influence of Drama and Dance on Urban Elementary Students’ Critical Engagement with Questions of Social Justice and Equity


Giselle Paquette - The Arts Charter Group from the Upper Canada District School Board


Marc Richard - Documenting the learning in Creative Dance Education


Rosalyn Rubenstein - A New Paradigm: Leadership for Engagement and Empowerment


Trevor Strong - Everybody has a Song


Sarah Washbush - Proximity and Collaboration: Current Research for the Ontario Crafts Council’s Craft Export Readiness Project