Louise Lalande

Aside from painting, my heart’s passion is to assist individuals increase their innate creativity through mindful artistic expressions to get in touch with their body and—Focusing primarily on the art-making process versus the outcome.

Be it in a private session or a group, I reinforce self-trust for each person to find their voice and inherent inventiveness. I have coached a number of artists and non-artists as well as facilitated numerous creativity workshops (corporate and private), on topics such as mandalas, chakras, masks, painting to music, creative strategies for success, Design Thinking, creativity for health, and the 12-week Artist’s Way program.

As a guide, I provide suggestions on how to deal with chaos, imperfection, brightening up life, and taking deep breaths. I believe in celebrating others, supporting them in their pursuits, paying it forward, and encouraging everyone to live their most courageous creative life.

I am a pragmatic, aware, and flexible facilitator that communicates openly to foster trust. My kindness, open-mindedness, and equitability deepen my relationships. I have found that compassion, truly listening, and a sense of humour work wonders.

As a creative who found relief and healing from anxiety, burn out and depression through art and having an insatiable curiosity for self-expression, sharing my passion comes by naturally. I have explored pottery, mixed media painting, collage, digital mandalas and artworks, textile art, handmade cloth dolls, jewelry, photography, and creating books and enjoy it all.

Language(s): English, French
Grade levels that programming is provided for: Junior (4 - 6), Post secondary, Adult education

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  • Digital & Media Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Ceramics
  • Artist-Educator Partnership
  • In-School Performances
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  • Professional Development

Profile last updated: Oct 25 2021