Michael Markowsky

I am a very high energy, passionate and personable teacher! My goal is to awaken a student's hidden talents and build their self-confidence. Besides leading classroom activities and workshops, I also can deliver a 30 to 45-minute artist talk that touches on bullying and goal setting. I've done these talks to entire schools gathered in their gymnasiums, so I'm comfortable in many different situations. I have taught art to young people (K through 12) for over 17 years, through the ArtStarts "Artists in the Classroom" program around the Lower Mainland, and previously at the Armory Centre for the Arts where taught art in public and private schools around Los Angeles, California.

Vancouver, BC
Language(s): English, French
Grade levels that programming is provided for: Preschool / Early childhood, Primary (K - 3), Junior (4 - 6), Intermediate (7 - 8), Secondary, Post secondary, Adult education

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  • Digital & Media Arts
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Visual Arts
  • Film/Video
  • Artist-Educator Partnership
  • Residency
  • In-School Performances
  • In-School Workshops
  • Professional Development

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Profile last updated: Aug 1 2020