Roz MacLean

I am an illustrator and visual artist who has created artwork for children's books, portrait series, zines and abstracted artwork. I work in a range of mediums traditionally and digitally, and my practice reflects my diverse concerns and interests. I am intrigued by the ability of story telling to support social-emotional health for kids and youth, by the power of visual imagery to direct attention to matters of inclusivity and social justice, and by the act of art-making to support self and emotional exploration.

Alongside my practice, I have also worked as a student support worker for a number of years, supporting students with disabilities in school settings, and have a special interest in creating inclusive and accessible art-making opportunities for children and youth with disabilities and diverse needs. This can mean creating series of art workshops for lifeskills or alternative high school programs, adapting activities to make sure they're accessible to every participant, or co-creating new learning experiences informed by a group's unique needs and circumstances.

Language(s): English
Grade levels that programming is provided for: Preschool / Early childhood, Primary (K - 3), Junior (4 - 6), Intermediate (7 - 8), Secondary, Other

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Profile last updated: Apr 21 2021