Salma Shami

I offer various methods of art education to compliment the students existing skills and aim to bring them to the next skill level by offering one-on-one classes in my studio in Abbotsford, or comprehensive online courses both live or pre-recorded options.

Seeking balance, harmony and beauty. It is an attitude, a viewpoint of life, that has many diverging expressions, from very personal preservations of beauty on canvas to commissioned paintings to helping clients realize their visions through interior design.

Notably, I never felt the need to be restricted to any one type of creative expression. Clouds and nature frequently are the subjects of my paintings. Yet so are energetic abstracts using entirely different techniques, creating studies in texture and the interaction of colours. The final artwork invites you to experience a connection through multiple levels of sensory stimulation.

Welcome to the world as I see it...
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Abbotsford, BC
Language(s): English, Arabic

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Profile last updated: Jan 31 2024