Prairie Voices Inc.

Prairie Voices Inc. is a family of choirs based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our choirs, Prairie Voices, Horizon, and Bluestem combine contemporary repertoire with movement and innovative staging to offer a fresh take on the choral concert. Each year we present a concert series featuring music in many different styles, with a particular emphasis on works by Canadian composers.

Language(s): English
Grade levels that programming is provided for: Intermediate (7 - 8), Intermediate (9 - 10), Senior (11 - 12)
Price range of programming: Pricing varies
Organization type: Artist-run centre, Non-profit, Youth-run organization (ages 18 - 29)

  • Community Engaged Arts
  • Music
  • Performance Art
  • Theatre
  • Artist-Educator Partnership
  • In-School Performances
  • In-School Workshops
  • Performances
  • Group Classes
  • Workshops

Profile last updated: Apr 3 2020