Centro Virtuoso

MUSIC is one of a gifts to human that we may recognise, enjoy, and appreciate its beauty.

Everyone from different background, different country, language, colour, size, culture, and so on and so on, could enjoy what we call MUSIC. Music transcends boundaries; Global & universal.

For me, growing up, I enjoyed the presence of my music communities. Besides the fact that my close friends were from those music communities, I looked forward, everyday, to be back in those groups sharing music, making music, and laughing together - HAVING FUN! I have had those good memories with me, and now I want to make this environment available for you and/or your children, too.

Good education influences people and shapes their lives; Music, on top of that, transforms heart.

Music has changed me in a good way: my way of thinking, problem-solving skills, perseverance, patience, discipline, work-ethics, work-efficiency, and self control. Music has nurtured me how to handle stress and pressure well, mentally and psychologically.

Arithmeticians could perhaps do math fully with their heart & soul, but generally speaking, not as much as musicians do with their hearts. Even Plato, the great Greek philosopher, believes that good music affects human’s mind and soul. I’m hoping that my students are becoming a more and more balanced human being; to have a finer characters and emotions, also to have a really structured ways of thinking, while spreading the joy of music to the uttermost parts of the world.

This is what I am aiming, and this is why I teach MUSIC; Music is a supplemental food for the soul. Music affects people’s soul. Good music creates good soul.

Language(s): English, Indonesian
Communities served: Adults, Children, People with disabilities, Youth, Seniors
Price range of programming: $ - $0-$20/hour, $$ - $20-$40/hour, $$$ - $40+/hour
Organization type: Artist-run centre, Artist collective, Non-profit, Program(s), Project, Resource

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