Jeremy Pommier

I am new to St. John’s. I have been working for the past 3 years as a language, two in Halifax and currently here in St. John’s with the French school board. I also draw and watercolour paint. I use art as a educational and activity tool with the students. From teaching basic drawing skills, comic book storytelling, using art to illustrate a point and cultural impacts of art. I enjoy working with kids and like teaching them a skill that brings them confidence and enjoyment.

Language(s): English, French
Grade levels that programming is provided for: Primary (K - 3), Junior (4 - 6), Intermediate (7 - 8), Secondary

Facilitates Group Lessons


Offers private lessons

Offers services to schools

  • Visual Arts
  • Artist-Educator Partnership
  • In-School Workshops

Profile last updated: Mar 9 2023