Yannis Lobaina

Yannis Lobaina is a Cuban award-winning artist, writer, producer, emerging filmmaker and photographer based in Toronto. Yannis loves to explore the themes of immigration, diaspora, and motherhood through various storytelling tools.
Yannis has over a decade of experience as a published author and has published more than 25 short fiction stories and flash nonfiction worldwide. Recent publications include “Detour”, “Hope”, “Florecer”,”I'm an Island'', “Under the Christmas Tree”, issued in the Stories We Share, Volume 2 Published by MUSE Arts,(2021), "Canadiana Boots" in Tint Journal Magazine (2020) and "Deeply Rooted" (2020) with publisher Editorial Mapale.
Lobaina is the Founder of @bilingualstorytelling Spanish- English Creative writing workshops and storytelling.

Recent accomplishments include receiving Toronto Arts Foundation’s RBC Space award (2021), Toronto Arts Council’s Newcomer and Refugee Artist Mentorship grant (2019), and Toronto Arts Foundation’s RBC Arts Access Fund (2019, 2018). The latter helped fund her photography exhibition "Rebirth" (Raw Artist Network, Mod Club 2019), and supported the facilitation of multiple creative writing and Bilingual (Spanish/English) storytelling workshops for children in various Toronto Public Libraries.
Yannis has also produced over 40 short fiction and documentaries in Cuba. As an emerging photographer, Yannis is currently focusing on minimalist photographic storytelling that explores pattern relationships found in nature and human form. Her passion is capturing fleeting moments and unusual beauty that surrounds us.
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Profile last updated: Jan 19 2023