Art Edukit - Beaverbrook Art Gallery

The Art Edukit Program, building on the Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s vision, seeks to enrich the lives of children through art. By providing an accessible and user-friendly online resource, the Art Edukit hopes to make it easier for the educator to bring art into the classroom.

On this website teachers will find resources to help in developing lesson plans that will be both fun and interactive. Artist modules and research links provide extensive information and activities that will promote creative thinking and help to foster an interest in local, provincial, and national artists. In time we envision expanding upon the program by having local artists, featured in the kit, visit schools and give workshops.

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery has always welcomed and encouraged interaction with schools. It is our hope that the Art Edukit program will further support this relationship and promote additional communication with educators. We invite teachers to provide feedback and suggestions for future plans and Edukits, and it is our hope that teachers will submit student art work, associated with the Art Edukit, to be displayed in the gallery.