At Home Learning Through The Arts

For the past 25 years through its Learning Through The Arts (LTTA) division, The Royal Conservatory has continued its leading role in the development of arts-based methodologies that meet the learning needs of young people across Canada working with teachers to reclaim the productivity and positive relationships that are the hallmark of the best classrooms. Given these unprecedented times, we have also developed a resource that supports math learning at home.

MathBeat is a program for students in Grades 4 to 8. Using an innovative web app, students learn about fractions, ratios, and unit rates while they create and analyse rhythms and melodies. The math content has been vetted by an Ontario math specialist.

YouthBeat taps into two things that many students love: today’s music and technology. Successfully piloted in First Nations communities, YouthBeat is an iOS iPad app and teacher resource program that was created for generalist teachers and has been designed to boost engagement with music, language arts, social studies, and math.

Developed with Indigenous Elders, Artists and Knowledge Keepers from across Canada, Walk the Circle is a professional learning program that assists educators in respectfully and appropriately teaching about Canada’s First Nations.