“Playing with Shadows” Online course

Individual artists & artist educators
Teachers & schools
Sunday, October 4, 2020 - 1:45pm

We’re your scene for Puppet Infused Online Learning

Launching our inaugural online course “Playing with Shadows”

October 14th at 1:15 pm
with a fun little video inspired by the classic pop song “I’m your Puppet”

“Playing With Shadows” is part of our new Explore Create Play program, which features thoughtful curriculum-linked, interactive maker courses for K-6 students supported with patterns, supply kits, video feedback and more. It’s a great learning resources for teachers, homeschool parents, children, families, and individuals, young and old, who want to explore puppets and puppet making.

The base price for the course is $39.99 CAN with lots of other great optional addons such as a one-on-one with a Creative Director or a shadow puppet stage kit!

Purchase before October 31 (to complete any time before the end of school year) and receive for FREE:

  • A puppet pattern and instructions to make your own Bird puppet
  • A copy of the beautiful story of The Magpie and the Gray Jay by Ken Lee
  • Link to watch all 10 chapters of The Magpie and the Gray Jay read aloud by over 150 people and their unique hand-crafted puppets.