New TVO Arts multi-media experience decodes and demystifies iconic Canadian art

What makes great art great? A new TVO Arts experience brings iconic Canadian art to life for all Canadians, building our understanding of these masterpieces and our appreciation for their relevance in our world today. TVO Arts at reframes the discussion on Canadian art through animated “explainer”-style videos, engaging articles and interactive experiences that decode and demystify these national treasures. Firmly rooted in the diversity of the Canadian experience, the art and artists featured are:    


·         Emily Carr - Church In Yuquot Village (Indian Church)  

·         Camille Turner - Hometown Queen  

·         Kenojuak Ashevak - The Enchanted Owl  

·         Jeff Wall - A Sudden Gust of Wind  

·         BGL - Canadassimo (Dépanneur)   

·         Kent Monkman - Resurgence of the People


Educators and community facilitators are also invited to download supporting PDF educator guides to support classroom and group exploration or discussion. These are designed to complement instruction in subjects like visual arts, media arts, Indigenous studies, history, geography and more.