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Ontario Arts Council - Chalmers Professional Development Projects


The program supports opportunities for Ontario artists at any stage of their career to acquire new artistic skills to advance their arts practice. It funds all contemporary and traditional art practices that are supported at OAC. All learning must be led by an expert and include feedback throughout the training period. Experts include mentors, teachers, trainers, and Elders. Projects may include study, training, mentorship, and/or apprenticeship.

There are two categories:



MISSION : In a complex historical step of our life in which capitalist priorities have strongly questioned ethical values and human relations, there is a need to put the PERSON and his CREATIVITY back at the center. The fragility, which all countries have manifested within the cultural and educational sector, has allowed developing fundamental reflections to give a “new centrality” to the role of CULTURE for the sustainable development of humanity.

Ontario Art Education Association

The OAEA represents educators of visual arts and media arts across Ontario, from JK - 12 public and independent schools, as well as art gallery/museum, post-secondary, teacher education, and community arts programs. OAEA's website hosts curriculum, equity & social justice, instruction, and on-line learning resources. Members can access further resources and stay in-touch via OAEA e-blasts and social media contacts. 

Supporting Arts and Learning in a Time of Crisis: November—December 2020

The overarching purpose of the digital roundtable discussion series were to gain a better
understanding of participants’ experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and effects of physical
distancing on their work in arts and learning. The first series of digital roundtable discussions took place
in March-April 2020 and a follow up series occurred in May 2020. At that time, arts and learning
stakeholders were adjusting to the early phases of the pandemic characterized by province or city-wide

John Hobday Awards in Arts Management - Canada Council for the Arts

The John Hobday Awards in Arts Management are granted to talented arts managers in Canadian professional arts organizations for professional development or mentoring purposes.

  • The Professional Development and Renewal Award is granted to an outstanding arts manager wishing to take part in a recognized program, seminar or workshop.
  • The Mentorship Award goes to an arts manager who is seeking to acquire different knowledge, experience and skills under the supervision of a mentor in his or her field.

Activities 4 Kids! From Culture Days

Draw, paint, craft, read, cook, dance, learn... create! Let your little ones' creativity spark from home with these collection of fun and kid-friendly activities. From digital recordings to livestream events, explore a wide range of Culture Days events from across the country that will help keep the creative spark flowing!

Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism, Culture, Arts & Recreation - Cultural Events Fund


Our diverse and distinct culture richly and strongly defines our province.

The Cultural Events Fund (CEF) supports community activities such as festivals, events, and cultural projects across Newfoundland and Labrador, highlighting our unique cultural tapestry and creativity.

CEF supports public gatherings that facilitate celebration and/or preservation of local culture through presentation of, and engagement with, arts and heritage. 



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