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Jennifer Petrilli Managing Director, Canadian Network for Arts & Learning

Jennifer Petrilli's career in Canada's not-for-profit arts sector consists of more than 15 years working with national organizations, local performance groups and individual artists. After five years in the role of Marketing Manager at The Royal Conservatory's Learning Through the Arts program, Jennifer has continued to use her skills to help a wide range of arts clients build audiences and achieve financial stability.

Jennifer Petrilli's Network Activity

Digital roundtable discussion series - National bilingual discussion
Meeting, Dec 3 2020
Meaningful Indigenous Education Through the Arts
Workshop, May 22 2018
Conférence 2017 - Une célébration de la diversité canadienne
Conference, Oct 18 2017
Eduarts Hub - Toronto
Workshop, Nov 14 2016
Eduarts Networking Hub in Ottawa
Workshop, Oct 16 2015
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