inPath – Job Offer Mikw Chiyâm Program - Educational Coordinator

Job title: Mikw Chiyâm Educational Coordinator

Application deadline: July 21st 2019

Interview date (if shortlisted): July 26th, 2019

Job Start Date: August 5th, 2019

Must be available: Artist Training Week Retreat in Eastern Townships, Quebec – August 15th - 23rd

(Team members stay onsite for the whole week returning to Montreal on August 23rd)


As a social enterprise, inPath works with Indigenous communities to build on existing capacity alongside schools and organizations in order to implement and sustain creative programming. We are growing a dynamic catalogue of programs and events, including:

  • training for artists and educators
  • a mobile production studio
  • artist teaching residencies ( in school and extracurricular settings)
  • youth gatherings, festivals and celebrations

Our philosophy of “living programs” has emerged in response to the needs voiced by the people we serve. By listening and learning, we have embraced methodologies that affirm and center youth and ensure that local perspectives and Indigenous ways of knowing are respected and embedded in our programs.

We work with communities to implement 3 different programs: Mikw Chiyâm Arts Concentration Program, N'we Jinan Integrative Arts Program and N'we Jinan Mobile Production Studio, and are currently hiring an Educational Coordinator for our Mikw Chiyâm program.

Mikw Chiyâm Program Overview

First commissioned by the Cree School Board in 2015, Mikw Chiyâm is an interdisciplinary arts program that promotes student retention and attachment to school through creative learning. Each participating school has four residencies throughout the year. Artists live in community and co- facilitate lessons with the Mikw Chiyâm Teacher in a classroom/studio space. Each school has 1-3 groups of high school students from grades 7-11. With inPath’s support, teachers and artists develop projects that meet the needs of youth while aligning with the Quebec Education Program, enabling students to receive credit towards graduation. This program invites students, teachers and artists to create individual artworks answering a common ‘guiding question’. Each artist also facilitates a number of workshops with community members who are not enrolled in the Mikw Chiyâm class. At the end of each residency, a gathering is held to celebrate students’ success as they share their work with their families and community.


You will work directly and collaboratively with the full inPath team. The current team is made up of 10 highly motivated and passionate team members which is projected to grow to 15 for the upcoming academic year. We were founded in 2015 and like to think of ourselves as a team of educators, dreamers and artists. Our head office is located in St. Henri, Montreal, which would be where your work would be based.

We are seeking a new member for our team in the role of Mikw Chiyâm Educational Coordinator. This is a one year contract with potential for renewal directly with the Cree School Board. The Educational Coordinator works directly with our teachers in developing curriculum, supporting the integration of artists into the classroom, and advising on student activities. 

The perks of this role are receiving professional development and training, having a semi-flexible work schedule, and working with a dynamic team of educators, artists, and students. The challenges of this role come with the demanding learning curve for integrating the program into new schools.

You will directly with another Mikw Chiyâm Educational Coordinator, under the Program Director and Educational Director, and supported by our Pedagogical Team and our Logistics Team. The inPath team in general describes themselves as think-outside-of-the-box-ers, passionate and dedicated.


Teacher Support

  • Support teachers in the development of evaluation tools (checklists, rubrics, etc.)
  • Support teacher in the implementation of the curriculum & pedagogy (through weekly phone meetings and email contact)
  • Develop teacher resources and tools with the inPath Pedagogical Team
  • Problem-solve, support and provide recommendations for course of action when classroom challenges arrive
  • Support teachers as they support student progress

Artist/Teacher Support

  • Co-develop and delivers professional development for artist/teacher teams
  • Co-run training week for artists and teacher teams
  • Help to develop the artist residency multi-week planning schedule
  • Support the collaboration between artists, teachers, and students

Administration and Community Support

  • Support school administration teams in the implementation of the program
  • Support in connecting youth, community members, community leaders, artists, and educators to ensure that our work is informed by local knowledge and aid in building capacity alongside schools and organizations in order to implement and sustain creative programming.

inPath Team

  • Be an active member of the inPath team
  • Participate in the drawing up of policies, programs, criteria, rules or procedures
  • Participate in the running of inPath youth Festivals
  • Any other duties or functions required by the direct supervisor


  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and presentation skills
  • Two (2) years of relevant experience in a team lead and/or management role and Four (4) to six (6) years of teaching experience
  • “Brevet d’enseignement” or a teaching permit from the province of Quebec and/ or from another Canadian province
  • Undergraduate degree in a relevant field of study, or hold a senior executive or senior staff position;
  • Strong organizational, planning and follow-up skills
  • Self-starter; results-oriented, assertive and energetic
  • Willing to travel to communities (~1.5 weeks/month September - June)
  • Semi-flexible work hours, 9-5 Monday-Friday (you manage your own schedule)
  • Fluency in two of the three official languages of the Board (Cree, English, and French);
  • Criminal background check

(Note: You must be a Canadian Citizen or Canadian Resident to apply)

Other qualifications that are an asset but not required:

  • Quebec Educational Program and/or other Canadian Educational Program knowledge
  • University Degree in an arts related field
  • Master’s degree or certificate in a related field
  • Cree language knowledge
  • Valid driver’s license


Salary Range $50 000 - $60 000 (depending on qualifications and experience).

If your application is shortlisted, interview will be taking place on July 25th at our St Henri office. Salary, and benefit entitlements will be discussed during the interview. To be considered for this position, applicants must be available for our Artist Training Week Retreat located in Eastman Quebec for the week of August 15th to 23rd.

Note: applicants from the Cree Nation or individuals whom have worked for or with the Cree School Board will be prioritized.

Our organization acknowledges that our society does not value and respect all people equally. Our equity policy is structured to recognize barriers to formal learning and employment opportunities that leave out systematically marginalized and undervalued social groups. Accordingly, we encourage applications from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) persons, persons with disabilities, queer persons, trans persons, and other groups that are usually overlooked in hiring processes. Applicants who self-identify will be prioritized in the application process.


Please send your cover letter and CV (resumé) to: workwithus [ at ]

Attn: Melissa-Ann Ledo, Educational Director

Re: Mikw Chiyâm Educational Coordinator