The Network launches its second round of Digital Roundtable Discussions

Navigating arts and learning through a global crisis:  Lessons learned and obstacles encountered

The Canadian Network for Arts & Learning is pleased to announce a second series of online roundtable discussions for arts and learning practitioners to share the realities they are facing after two months of social distancing and other emergency measures enacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite everyone to take part in the exchange as we discuss what you have learned during this period of isolation, what you foresee as the "new normal" in your practice, how you are faring with the gradual measures to re-open society, and other topics. We also hope to learn from you how The Canadian Network for Arts & Learning can further support the work that you are doing, and the sector as a whole to ensure an stronger future for arts and learning in the digital age. 

In our original series of digital regional discussions, which took place from March 23 - April 3, we provided a platform for practitioners across the country to talk about the immediate impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on their lives and professional practice. More than 300 arts and learning professionals took part in these discussions, gathering strength from hearing the similar circumstances of their peers and gaining support by discovering ways to possibly sustain their practice at the onset of social distancing and isolation measures. 

After almost two months of disruptive emergency measures, we have seen widespread adoption of digital technology to overcome the impact of isolation on Canadians, and particularly on the delivery of arts and learning programs. Some of the fears of cancelled arts programming and performance series have materialized, while attending opportunities and digital innovations have also arisen. 

As a pan-Canadian service organization supporting arts and learning, The Network is committed to continuing advocacy for the sector under existing socio-economic conditions while preparing for a future in which fundamental societal changes will challenge arts to claim a central place at the heart of learning both in school and in the wider community. Now more than ever it is important that we keep the lines of communication open to be able to support and encourage our community of arts and learning professionals through this time of crisis and into the future.

Each meeting will take place over Zoom. We hope that you will take part in the discussion, but you are also welcome to just listen in if that is your preference. Registration is the same for both options. Please click on one of the links below to register:

British Columbia & Yukon Monday, May 11 - 11:00am PDT

Alberta & Northwest Territories Tuesday, May 12 - 12:00pm MDT

Saskatchewan Wednesday, May 13 - 12:00pm CST

Manitoba Thursday, May 14 - 1:00pm CDT

Greater Toronto Area Friday, May 15 - 2:00pm EDT

Ontario (non-GTA) Tuesday, May 19 - 2:00pm EDT

Discussion en français Mercredi 20 mai - 14 h 00 HAE

English Quebec, Maritime provinces, & Nunavut Thursday, May 21 - 2:00pm EDT/3:00pm ADT

National Bilingual Discussion / Discussion nationale bilingue Friday, May 22 - 2:00pm EDT / Vendredi 22 mai - 14 h 00 HAE


Canada Council for the ArtsWe are able to offer this service to the sector thanks to a Digital Strategies grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.