Call to Action on Arts Education

COVID-19 has devastated the arts and learning sector, threatening to push the arts completely out of post-pandemic school programming while limiting the impact of the sector on broader community revival. We are seeking endorsements for our Call to Action on Arts Education to help in our advocacy efforts as we seek to sustain and grow arts and learning in an emerging new normal. By adding your name, you will make a bold statement that arts and creativity are integral to the learning process, both at school and throughout life, and are fundamental to the development of the fully realized individual.

Call to Action on Arts Education - The Winnipeg Vision

The Canadian Network for Arts & Learning calls on governments, artists, educators, professional organizations, researchers, universities, communities, and all advocates of arts and learning to endorse the following principles to ensure that the arts are positioned to make an increased and sustainable contribution to learning both at school and throughout our communities.

The vision is the outcome of a major conference (Creative Convergence) held in Winnipeg, Manitoba in October of 2019 during which participating experts from across Canada and around the globe were asked to share their perspectives on the future of the sector. Their responses highlighted how the three goals of the Seoul Agenda, Goals for the development of arts education (UNESCO 2010) can be interpreted from the perspective of practitioners and learners.

We envision a sustainable future for arts and learning in which learners of all ages:

  1. Have Access

    • Access diverse and inclusive learning experiences in, through and about the arts via
      • Opportunities within the home, community, learning institutions, and workplace
      • Recognition and celebration of diverse artistic traditions and expressions
      • Digitally mediated and face-to-face engagement
      • Overcoming social, economic, geographic, and cultural barriers
  2. Experience Quality

    • Experience quality arts education via
      • Progressive development of artistic knowledge and techniques
      • Self-expression and human interaction
      • Responding to works of arts from diverse cultures and traditions
      • Balancing the potential and risks of technologically-mediated arts practice and learning
      • Moments of contemplation, curiosity, wonder, joy and delight
  3. Apply the Arts

    • Apply the arts to issues of personal, local, and global significance via
      • connecting to self, others and community
      • Building understanding, reconciling difference and mobilizing change
      • Supporting civic engagement and social good
      • Contributing to personal and community health and well being
      • Activating artistic ways of knowing within non-arts sectors

Our call to action is issued in sympathy with the provisions of the Frankfurt Declaration for Arts Education (World Alliance for Arts Education, November 2019) and is closely aligned with several of the goals and targets of UNESCO's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (UNESCO 2015).

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Recent Endorsements

Jessica Ruano

I am endorsing because Arts education changes lives for the better. By bringing artists directly into schools and communities, more children are given an equal opportunity to benefit from what the arts have to offer: creativity, team work, critical thinking, media literacy. They also benefit from having role models in their community, people who may look like them and speak like them. Especially during this pandemic, children are yearning for a sense of connection, for meaning, for togetherness. The arts can provide that and more.

PAAL Partageons le monde

Je signe parce que L'art est important pour la société pour pouvoir rêver et sortir de la crise que nous vivons.

Ed Wasiak

I am endorsing because The arts are an essential component of a complete education. The arts are a unique and powerful modes of expression used universally throughout time to express and understand all manner of human experience. In this unusual time of pandemic the arts have never been more important as people across the globe have turned to the arts for creative expression, solace, entertainment, spirituality, and much more. Given the significant challenges schools are and will be experiencing in the coming academic year, it will be necessary to re-envision arts curricula and how they can be delivered; however, that does not mean they should be abandoned. Arts educators are creative people and will rise to the challenge if given the opportunity.

Neptune Theatre School

I am endorsing because I have led and participated in multiple talks about arts education in Canada and Nova Scotia. It is essential.

Sara Adams

Yannis Lobaina

I am endorsing because I'm endorsing because I believe Art is a powerful tool to transcend through language barriers and even connects with everyone no matter where they are come from. As an artist myself, Art has given me the ability to building my new community away from my motherland.