Things My Fore Sisters Saw - School Performance

Event Date and Time: 
Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:30pm
Event Type: 
Oakville Centre, AEG Liebherr Auditorium
130 Navy St

Written and performed by Leslie McCurdy

In this one-woman play, you will meet four women of African descent who affected change in Canada. Marie-Joseph Angelique was a slave who was said to have burned down half of Montreal. Rose Fortune was the first policewoman in North America who helped freedom seekers. Mary-Ann Shadd was the first North American woman to publish and edit a newspaper. And Viola Desmond, who refused to give up a seat to segregation well before the celebrated Rosa Parks. This production was featured on Bravo Canada.

Curriculum Connections

  • Grades 4 to 8
  • Drama as a means to explore issues in history
  • Role of theatre to communicate social values
  • Impact of drama using minimal stage devices