Open Studio Day in the Park

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Saturday, June 15, 2024 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm
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Mt. Carleton Provincial Park
7612 Route 385
New Brunswick

Join us for Open Studio Day in the park on Saturday, June 15th, from 2pm to 4pm. Members of the public are invited to visit with the artists, ask questions, and see a short presentation about the projects they’ve been working on. Each artist will be working on a personal project, and they will also collaborate on a group project.

Introducing Jaclyn Martinez

As a multidisciplinary artist, Jaclyn Martinez presents contemplative stages of transformation and healing. Using her personal experiences and drawing from a collection of ancient representations of women and the feminine, her work weaves a tapestry of symbols from the unconscious realms to interconnect past and present healing modalities which can then be applied to tell personal and collective stories through art.Jaclyn Martinez lives and works from her home studio in Moncton, New Brunswick. Since moving from Montreal to Moncton, she has received a creation grant from ArtNB, created a mural for Festival Inspire, been featured on the cover of Created Here magazine, taken part in the CATAPULT Arts Accelerator program with Arts Link NB and has been exhibited at the Unified Earth group show at The Ice House Gallery in Nova Scotia. She has completed an artist residency at Gallerie Sans Nom and a group residency with the Mirroir/Mirror festival. She has also developed a workshop that teaches how to connect with personal identities while using mask-making as a healing modality.

“As a multidisciplinary artist, I present stages of transformation in the heroine’s quest for wholeness. By implementing meditation, ritual and dream analysis into my practice, I connect with my mythological world and create icons and ritual objects that empower women in their journeys of transformation. To properly present these stages of change I make ceramic chalices, vases and bowls that are the ritual objects that connect the natural world with the material world. Masks are used to move personal identities into the spirit world and paintings represent the narrative in which I tell stories of healing and change.” - Jaclyn Martinez

Project Description

“I propose to create a mask inspired by the flora and fauna of Mount Carleton Provincial Park. The mask will be crafted using natural resources found in the surrounding environment, including twigs, branches, leaves, and flowers. This project represents a departure from my previous work, as it will be my first time utilizing natural materials in this manner. The mask will serve as a celebration of the inherent beauty and diversity of the natural world, inviting viewers to contemplate their connection to the environment and the importance of preserving it for future generations” - Jaclyn Martinez

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Jaclyn will be a resident artist at Introspect: a nature residency, which will be held in Mt. Carleton Provincial Park from June 3-16.

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