Elizabeth L. Gordon Art Program

Thursday, July 15, 2021 - 1:00pm

Elizabeth L. Gordon Art Program 

The Ontario Arts Foundation and the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation are pleased to announce the renewal of the Elizabeth L. Gordon Art Program. The Program aims to foster a broader appreciation of Canadian visual art and artists by assisting public art galleries and museums in Ontario to grow their permanent collections, increase the public’s knowledge of collecting and permanent collections, and support community engagement between a gallery or museum and its local community.

Grants are offered through two granting streams:

Acquisition Grants
Funds raised by eligible galleries and museums from private donors are matched for the acquisition of Canadian works of art. Acquisition Grants are designed to leverage funds for acquisitions that will help galleries and museums deepen their permanent collections and lead to increased donations of art by private individuals.

Development Grants
Development Grants support initiatives that increase the public’s knowledge of collecting or a gallery or museum’s permanent collection, help make a gallery or museum’s permanent collection more accessible to the public, aid curatorial research, and build stronger relationships with local and regional communities.