Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit

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The Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit (PSTC) provides eligible production corporations with a tax credit at a rate of 16 per cent of the qualified Canadian labour expenditures incurred in respect of an accredited production.

Co-administered by the Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office and the Canada Revenue Agency, the PSTC is designed to enhance Canada as a location of choice for film and video productions employing Canadians, as well as to strengthen the industry and secure investment.

Who can apply

To be eligible for the PSTC, a production corporation must be:

a taxable Canadian corporation or a foreign-owned corporation;

engaged primarily (more than 50%), through a permanent establishment in Canada, in the activities of a film or video production business, or a film or video production services business; and

the owner of the copyright in the accredited production, throughout the period during which the production is produced in Canada (or have contracted directly with the copyright owner of the production, to provide services for the production).

Application deadline

The PSTC accepts applications on an ongoing basis.

How long it will take to process your application

CAVCO's service standard for processing applications is 176 calendar days. The performance target for meeting this standard is 85%.