Jowi Taylor

Peabody Award winning broadcaster Jowi Taylor is the creator of the Six String Nation project, centred around a guitar literally built from 64 different pieces of history and heritage from different cultures, communities, characters and events in every province and territory of Canada. His multimedia presentation for schools, festivals, corporate and community groups links every audience member to the diverse history of Canada in an utterly unique and personal way and the guitar at the heart of the project has been played by everyone from students to some of Canada's most beloved music stars. The ongoing project to make official portraits of people with the guitar stands at about 150,000 images of 15,000 different people taken all across Canada. A selection of these is included in Jowi’s bestselling book about the project for Douglas & McIntyre.

Grade levels that programming is provided for: Junior (4 - 6), Intermediate (7 - 8), Secondary, Post secondary, Other


Facilitates Group Lessons


Offers private lessons

Offers services to schools

  • Community Engaged Arts
  • Education
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Music
  • Photography
  • In-School Performances
  • In-School Workshops
  • Professional Development

Profile last updated: Oct 16 2020