My Learning at Home - Manitoba Education

With the suspension of classes in Manitoba schools and many early learning and family programs closed, adjustments will take time. Learning at home may be different and exciting for many families, but it may also be challenging. Many children and youth may enjoy spending more time with family, but they may also miss their ECEs, teachers, and friends. All children and youth can continue learning at home with or without technology. School-aged children and youth will continue their learning with teachers. You can communicate with your child’s teachers to choose fun ways to enhance learning at home.

Meaningful learning is all around us. While no one expects you to replace all the activities that happen in childcare centres, family resource programs, and schools, you are important in your child’s learning. Your child learns from you all the time. While academic learning is important, your child’s physical and mental health and well-being are important too. You can enhance your child’s learning through play, everyday activities, and online learning resources. How you support your child will depend on your child’s age, needs, and the time you have available.

On this page, you will find parent guides and suggestions on how to:

  • Set Routines
  • Create a Space for Learning
  • Help your Child