Supporting Arts and Learning in a Time of Crisis: November—December 2020

The overarching purpose of the digital roundtable discussion series were to gain a better
understanding of participants’ experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and effects of physical
distancing on their work in arts and learning. The first series of digital roundtable discussions took place
in March-April 2020 and a follow up series occurred in May 2020. At that time, arts and learning
stakeholders were adjusting to the early phases of the pandemic characterized by province or city-wide

Art Canada Institute: Independent Student Learning Activities

Canadian art can be a powerful foundation for multidisciplinary learning in any environment. The Art Canada Institute independent student learning activities are designed as multimedia learning experiences that incorporate images, texts, and videos. They can be distributed directly to students and support learning online and at home.

The Art Canada Institute teacher resource guides

Canadian art is a door to learning about a wide range of subjects. The Art Canada Institute teacher resource guides presented here offer students the opportunity to study a multitude of subjects—from environmental awareness to activism, social justice to gender studies, politics to computer science (to name a few)—through the art and artists who have defined this country’s visual culture.

The Canadian Art Inspiration Contest For Grades K–12

How to Enter
Apply below before June 30, 2021 at 11:59PM EDT. Awards will be announced in September of this year. Finalists’ artworks will be showcased in an online exhibition, and prizes will be awarded in different age groups (Kindergarten to Grade 3; Grades 4 to 6; Grades 7 to 9; and Grades 10 to 12), with $500 for first prizes and $250 for honourable mentions. The full contest rules are available here.



Newcomer and Refugee Artist Mentorship


Newcomer and Refugee Artist Mentorship program provides support for newcomer and refugee artists to develop their artistic practice and to further their integration and inclusion to Toronto. We define a newcomer as: an immigrant or refugee who has lived in Canada for less than 7 years; a refugee is a person who was forced to leave their home country and is now located in Canada.

The program provides funding for individual newcomer and refugee professional* artists to be mentored (guided) in their chosen arts discipline. 


JRG Society for the Arts - Grants for artists with disabilities

JRG Society for the Arts is a registered Canadian charity devoted to making a difference in the lives of artists with disabilities in memory of Justin Robin Grant, who passed on July 12, 2015. JRG assists Deaf, Disabled and MAD artists to create beautiful art, pursue their goals and share their talent with the world.In 2018, JRG’s inaugural year we provided a grant of $3,500 to artist Wy Joung Kou, to assist in the creation of Kou’s mosaic art, which otherwise may never have been achieved.


Short-Term Projects - Creating, Knowing and Sharing: The Arts and Cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples

The Short-Term Projects component of Creating, Knowing and Sharing funds First Nations, Inuit and Métis professional and aspiring artists, cultural carriers, arts/cultural professionals, groups, collectives and arts/culture organizations. Grants provide support for any combination of eligible Creating, Knowing and Sharing activities for projects lasting up to 12 months.

First-time applicants are strongly encouraged to speak to a Program Officer before applying.


The Small-Scale Activities component of Creating, Knowing and Sharing funds activities

The Small-Scale Activities component of Creating, Knowing and Sharing funds activities that will advance your artistic career or practice. This may include acquiring materials for artistic production, engaging in career or artistic development activities or benefitting from specific expertise, advice or training from a professional artist or cultural carrier. This component is open to First Nations, Inuit and Métis individuals, artistic groups, collectives and organizations working in all disciplines.


Arts Festivals and Presenters

The Arts Festivals and Presenters component of Arts Across Canada encourages Canadian arts organizations to present and exhibit quality art and literary works to Canadian audiences. Grants support festivals and presenters to showcase important artistic work, strengthen artistic practice, and build bridges between artists and audiences.

Please see guidelines for details and the translation deadline date.


Shaw Wellness for Students: An Arts-Based Mental Wellness Program

This program uses practices found in the performing arts, and adapts them for students of all ages, to encourage the benefits of health and wellness.  Through the guided video series and Teacher's Guide, students can explore units in Breath Work, Movement, Voice, Rhythm, and Active Listening/Reflection.  Extension activities and Curricular Outcomes (Ontario) are provided with each unit.