CIRA’s Community Investment Program Grants

CIRA’s Community Investment Program grants
fund innovative community internet projects to build a resilient, trusted and secure internet for all Canadians.


While CIRA’s granting program will consider applications that benefit all Canadians, we’re especially looking for initiatives that benefit:

  • Northern, rural and Indigenous communities
  • Students (kindergarten to grade 12 and post-secondary)

Art and the World After This

In Art and the World After This, Metcalf Innovation Fellow David Maggs outlines four interrelated disruptions faced by Canada’s non-profit arts sector and identifies the unique value art brings to society. As an artist, academic, and sustainability scholar, Maggs brings a unique perspective to the subject of disruption and transformation. The report is informed by consultations and conversations with numerous arts workers, funders, and academics from across the country and beyond.

Everything is Connected: A Landscape of Music Education

Initiated prior to the pandemic in 2019, the study was designed to reflect the ongoing status within provincial education systems. The report is being hailed as a significant expert resource for those who develop educational policy and rebuild consistent and valued music programming into core curriculum.

Soulful Colour•Mindset•Money•Matters

The Soulful Colour brand has vibrant colouring books that provide an uncomplicated, creative and fun way to support and deliver powerful messages of financial wellbeing, mental wellbeing, representation, diversity, inclusion, selfcare, community, legacy, just to name a few areas. The books achieve this through the positive illustrations that are partnered with powerful affirmations, quotes and mantras.

Brainstream: Interacitve Film & Mental Health

Brainstream is an interactive animated film created by the National Film Board of Canada and Studio AATOAA. The viewer "massages" the thoughts of a teenage girl, supporting her during a difficult time. The accompanying lesson helps students develop skills in mental health advocacy, empathy, and arts appreciation.


With the goal of enhancing the arts sector’s understanding of engagement behaviours and trends, this SIA Brief analyzes several Canadian information sources related to public engagement and spending in the arts.

Participatory Creative Music Hub

The Hub showcases people from all walks of life creating music together.  Whatever you call it — participatory creative music, community music, jamming, co-composition, improvisation, music exploration, listening games or having fun with sound — The Hub celebrates music creativity for everyone. Whether they are 4, 40 or 94 years of age, an experienced musician or making music for the first time — everyone has active input in the creative process.

Indigenous Cultural Heritage Micro-Grant

This funding program supports new activities on a one-time basis that help to revitalize Indigenous cultural heritage.

The Indigenous Cultural Heritage Micro-Grant (ICH MG) supports the performance, preservation or sharing of Indigenous heritage, increasing knowledge sharing with Elders or assisting in the development of cultural heritage skills in Indigenous communities.