Confronting a crisis in arts and learning

The arts and learning sector is facing a crisis of frightening proportions.  Over the past three months, hundreds of artists, educators and organizations from across the country have told us that anti-virus measures have devastated their world, not only by disrupting programs during the pandemic but, long term, by threatening to eliminate the arts completely from post-pandemic school programming while also limiting the capacity of artist educators to rebuild their communities.  Many see digital technology as an important element in their planning for recovery.  

The Canadian Network for Arts and Learning (CNAL) is pulling out all the stops to help staunch the bleeding and enable artists and educators to acquire the skills, tools and knowledge they need to survive pandemic restrictions and to re-structure for the medium and long term.  I invite you to join this critical undertaking.

As you will see on our website CNAL has emerged as a national success story, uniting the sector through national conferences, regional Eduarts Hubs, webinars, digital roundtables, newsletters, social media, advocacy, the sharing of resources and Canada’s digital Map of Arts and Learning.  With a proven record of collaboratively developing digital strategies, we are ideally positioned to support this recovery effort.  Sadly, at the very moment when digital resources and strategies are urgently needed, the Network is facing a cash flow challenge.  

To continue aiding the sector in this time of crisis, we have set an emergency funding target of $50,000.00, a relatively modest amount but sufficient to allow us to follow through on our commitment to assist the sector as it builds a sustainable future.   We have already made substantial economies in our own operations.  Now we are turning to our friends to participate financially as well.

We need your help to reach our goal.  By taking out or renewing a membership in CNAL (only $25.00 at or by making a donation of any amount ( you will enable us to continue our efforts to strengthen the sector.

Thank you for considering this request.

Warmest regards,

Larry O’Farrell, Chair, Board of Directors
John Hobday C.M., Vice Chair, Board of Directors


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