2021 Petrichor International Music Competition

Sunday, July 18, 2021 - 12:45pm
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Abstract and Mission


The 2021 Petrichor International Music Competition will mark the first occurrence of this annual music contest, and will provide support, inspiration, and exposure to instrumentalists and singers from around the world. The competition includes four categories:

A) Young Solo Performers (under the age of 21, born after July 1, 1999)

B) Solo Performers (over the age of 21, born before July 1, 1999)

C) Composers (acoustic or electronic works)

D) Ensembles (2 or more performers)

Submit your performance video or composition for over $10,000 value in prizes! Due to the current and foreseeable circumstances, participation will be conducted entirely online, and the musicians will be asked to submit a video of their performances.

Final Submission Deadline: July 18, 2021 @ 11:59pm PST (California).




This competition is open to instrumentalists, singers, ensembles, and composers of all ages and nationalities. All musicians, including established or emerging artists, are welcome to apply. Whether established as a professional in the field or a hobbyist, we encourage the submission of a video performance of any piece of your choosing for participation in the competition. The Petrichor Artistic Panel and the jurors will carefully review submissions individually and without regard for age, nationality, gender, or musical style.



All performers, singers, and composers are eligible for this competition. Whether you play western classical instruments or traditional instruments, all video submissions are welcome for this competition. Early music instruments and non-orchestral instruments, such as guitar or piano, are welcome, as are any instruments associated with folk or non-western music. Self-created instruments are not accepted.



There is no specific repertoire required to participate in this competition. Each performer has the freedom to determine which piece or pieces to perform. The selected piece could be drawn from a standard repertoire, or composed by a living composer, or be an original work by the performer him/herself. The piece chosen will not affect the jury’s decision process. The primary focus should be on highlighting your technical skills, musicality, and your ability to communicate with the audience through your instrument and your performance. Singers may choose repertoire in any language.