Ontario Arts Council - Dance Projects

Tuesday, October 8, 2024 - 1:00pm
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The program supports the creation, production and presentation of live and virtual dance and other initiatives that benefit the Ontario professional dance community. The program has five categories: 

  • Creation: to support artistic costs of choreography and development of new work. There must be some kind of showing (for example, in-studio or virtual, for invited peers, mentors or other guests) of the work or work-in-progress.  
  • Production and presentation: to support artistic, production and presentation costs of live or virtual dance for a public. This includes co-productions, commissions, remounting, and tour preparation (including rehearsal costs). 
  • Series and festivals: to support presentation costs of series and festivals that promote professional choreographers and dance companies. 
  • Mentorship – Individuals: mentorship for Indigenous artists training in Indigenous dance practices, including powwow and customary dance (see definition), and for Deaf artists and artists with disabilities. 
  • Training and community development – Ad hoc groups, collectives and organizations: training and community development initiatives, including but not limited to forums, workshops and master classes, equity and access initiatives, and other activities that benefit the professional dance community. Costs can include fees to participating artists. 


Category-specific priorities are: 

  • Creation; Production and presentation; and Series and festivals: projects that engage professional Ontario-based choreographers. 
  • Series and festivals: projects where the applicant does not present their own dance works. 
  • Training and community development – Ad hoc groups, collectives and organizations: training and community development projects that support dance practices where training opportunities in Ontario are limited as compared to other practices.