Dance Training Projects: Equity and Access


The program supports dance training derived from traditional, classical and/or contemporary African, Caribbean, Asian, Arabic, Middle Eastern, South Asian and Indigenous dance forms, and Deaf and disability dance practices. There are two categories:

  • Dance companies: contribution to the artistic fees for their dancer training program(s)
  • Individual dance artists who are Deaf and/or have a disability: contribution to the artistic fees for their dance training

Deadline dates

October 5, 2021, 1 p.m. ET


Dance Projects


The program’s priorities are projects that engage Ontario-based choreographers, and dance series/festivals that do not present the programmer’s work.

Deadline dates

April 8 and October 7, 2021, 1 p.m. ET



The Footprints Move Tool is a free resource for physical education or arts teachers and those interested in children and youth motor skill development. Learn basic biomechanics that will help you spot dangerous movement habits and tips and tricks on how to correct them. The online resource provides concise information on how bodies develop as well as sample activities for improving balance, alignment, and spinal awareness. Fun activities and teaching tips are available for different age groups, from preschool through to teens.

Supporting Arts and Learning in a Time of Crisis: November—December 2020

The overarching purpose of the digital roundtable discussion series were to gain a better
understanding of participants’ experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and effects of physical
distancing on their work in arts and learning. The first series of digital roundtable discussions took place
in March-April 2020 and a follow up series occurred in May 2020. At that time, arts and learning
stakeholders were adjusting to the early phases of the pandemic characterized by province or city-wide

Shaw Wellness for Students: An Arts-Based Mental Wellness Program

This program uses practices found in the performing arts, and adapts them for students of all ages, to encourage the benefits of health and wellness.  Through the guided video series and Teacher's Guide, students can explore units in Breath Work, Movement, Voice, Rhythm, and Active Listening/Reflection.  Extension activities and Curricular Outcomes (Ontario) are provided with each unit.

Rozsa Foundation Grants

The Rozsa Foundation supports Alberta-based arts charities to undertake initiatives that harness the power of exploration, experimentation, and innovation to move their organizations forward. The Rozsa Foundation offers grants to support planning, capacity building & leadership, internal development, organizational experimentation, and implementation of bold, forward-looking approaches to addressing current & future challenges.


Activities 4 Kids! From Culture Days

Draw, paint, craft, read, cook, dance, learn... create! Let your little ones' creativity spark from home with these collection of fun and kid-friendly activities. From digital recordings to livestream events, explore a wide range of Culture Days events from across the country that will help keep the creative spark flowing!


Arts@Home brings Toronto’s arts sector together for you—delivered straight to your home.

Whether your goal is creation, recreation, learning or appreciation, explore and engage with meaningful artistic experiences across many forms of expression.

Arts@Home Founding Members including

Arts Education with Mrs. Armbruster

Website created by curriculum renewal teacher writer Danyelle Armbruster, who is remotely teaching her K-8 arts education classes from Emerald Ridge Elementary School in White City, SK.  The website she has created for her students is rich with video assignments and demonstrations that kids can interact with. 

Her videos demonstrate arts techniques, and she stays connected to the students in a more personal way than if she were relying solely on commercially-produced videos or online materials. Mrs. Armbruster motivates and communicates through video with her students.